Your body is miraculous, fully capable of healing and able to support you through whatever challenges you face.  Yet, all too often, many of us feel like we are living a shadow of the life we could have, hampered by illness, fatigue or physical and emotional pain.   You don't have to suffer.  Let's work together to not only to help you find relief from the symptoms that weigh you down,  but to help you to feel more fully and completely yourself.

I believe that our bodies are wise.  Our symptoms are often our bodies’ way of speaking to us, helping us to see where we may be out of balance.  I use acupuncture, a 2,000 year old system of medicine, to bring body, mind and spirit back into balance so that you can more effectively and efficiently heal.   I will work in partnership with you, crafting treatments that support you as a whole person--not a diagnosis or a collection of symptoms.    Using the principles of Chinese medicine, we look for the root cause of your suffering and work together to restore balance as we uncover what your body may be telling you about how to live well.  I will empower you to develop the observation skills and practices you can use to heal yourself and take charge of your own wellness.   

Whether you are seeking to heal from an injury or illness, looking for support with chronic pain, hoping to start a family or simply looking for ways to help you live with less stress, I invite you to explore how acupuncture can help you live with more ease, comfort and joy.  Welcome!


"I found Meg to be full of heart, wisdom and possessing an innate and fundamental healing spirit that was truly extraordinary. She deeply understands people, and has such compassion and loving kindness that combined with her great intelligence and understanding of Chinese medicine, makes her a very powerful healer."

                                                                                                --Kaiya Larson, Professor, Maryland University of Integrative Health