See what Meg's Patients are Saying...

"I have been struck by and so pleased by how different my appointments with Meg feel compared to other medical appointments.  I've been lucky to have many wonderful medical professionals provide care for me, but Meg's approach really stands out.  She focuses her treatment on what I want for my life--not just on what's ailing me.  And it makes all the difference.  When I'm in an appointment with Meg I feel like a person, not a patient.  Because of that Meg's not only treated my diagnosis--she's helped me think about how the rest of my life is a part of being well.  Her care and advice have helped me with my headaches by figuring out how I can prevent them in the future by focusing on my own quality of life."  


"Working with Meg has been a life changing experience! Her gentle nature and knowledge of her craft helped me experience the most significant  spiritual breakthroughs of my life. I was able to understand negative patterns in my life and begin working to fix them. The positive results of our sessions together continue to show up in a myriad of ways. I would (and have) recommend Meg as an acupuncturist to anyone!"


"I was dealing with a foot injury and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was or how to deal with it. I play football for my high school team and it was seriously disrupting my play.   Meg was both professional and friendly while working. I felt very relaxed and as though there was not stress. 

You could tell Meg knew exactly what she was doing and was also very passionate about it. Overall it was a great experience and I am looking forward to having the experience again. "


"You should know that after each session, I felt some noticeable positive change in myself which was frankly amazing to me. Especially since there were many different issues we worked on.
I feel you are a very instructive and nurturing healer and I believe you have chosen the correct path for your life." 


"In our journey together I have learned so much!  You have given me your love, time and attention - the treatment room is always a sacred place that is focused on finding out my needs and addressing them.  Through our work together I have learned the importance of balancing high standards and accountability for myself with ease and gratitude.   Through our journey together I have come to appreciate the value of slowing down and enjoying life and that letting things go sometimes is ok! Life brings its ups and downs and with your wise guidance and love I am learning to let go and enjoy the ride! 

I am eternally grateful for not only your love, enthusiasm and care of me, but for what you have taught me to do for myself!"


"Meg is an extremely knowledgeable practitioner. I didn't know what to expect from a medical perspective, but I was impressed with how practical Meg was and her willingness to help relieve my symptoms as well as look for root causes

I have a stronger awareness of my body now and am able to participate more in my care. I thoroughly enjoy coming to see Meg because I know we can work together for the sake of my health and well-being."



"Through your skillful listening, probing questions in a nurturing way, and clearly explaining treatment options, you were able to help me see that what is happening in our bodies is all connected. We are not able to treat one symptom without looking at the whole body, the whole self and for me that seemed so natural, but something I have not been exposed to."


"Though I came with one presenting problem, over the course of our time together you helped me work through many other issues as well. I felt especially empowered when you spoke with me about what I could do for my own healing, to help bring myself into balance."


"My daughter has really enjoyed working with you on her sports related shoulder and neck pain. Watching the progress and the process has been amazing and the benefits have far exceeded just the pain relief that was the original goal. I had no idea that acupuncture had so much to offer."


"Struggling to help my son recover from a football injury that wasn't healing, I contacted Meg. 

Meg listened attentively, explained what she was going to do, and made my son and I feel at ease with this ‘new to us’ medical treatment. 

Her ability to understand the source of the problem was amazing.   As a parent, there’s nothing more painful than watching your child suffer.    I’m so grateful for Meg’s expertise."