For those who want to explore more about acupuncture, the following is a collection of articles and resources about how the return to the ancient practices of acupuncture is revolutionizing health and wellness.  

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science:  The Science Behind Acupuncture

Curious about the scientific basis for acupuncture?  Check out these recent studies and articles.  

Acupuncture Provides True Pain Relief in Study.  This New York Times article reports on a recent study on acupuncture and chronic pain, showing what acupuncturists see in their treatment rooms every day.

The World Health Organization's  review of the scientific literature on acupuncture.  While not nearly all conditions helped by acupuncture are mentioned here, this is a good overview of the scientific research to date for those of you that love your science.  

National Cancer Institute Acupuncture PDQ.  PDQ is the NCI’s comprehensive database.  It includes studies from thousands of studies on cancer and cancer trials around the world.  This is a link to their collection on studies on acupuncture and cancer.  

How Does Acupuncture Work?  While that question still remains partially shrouded in mystery, we know that there are real biochemical changes in the body from acupuncture that promote healing.  Here is a summary of an article from the journal Molecular Neurobiology about a study looking at how acupuncture helped reduce inflammation and relieve muscle pain. 

How Acupuncture Relieves Anxiety and Stress.  An article on the bio-mechanics of how acupuncture works to reduce anxiety and stress in the body.

Acupuncture and Athletes:  Healing From Injury through Natural Medicine

A fun article on one of the NFL's traveling acupuncturists and the experience football players have with acupuncture.  From the New York Times, Acupuncturist Treats 40 NFL players in 4 cities.    

Because I love hockey, and treating concussion is a topic near and dear to my heart,  a great Seattle Times article on how acupuncture helped saved a young prospect's brain (and career) after a rough injury left him with debilitating migraines.  How Acupuncture Helped Get Young Hockey Star Back on Ice.  

Acupuncture and Women's Reproductive Health

Click on links below for information on how acupuncture helps women transition to motherhood.

Depression in Pregnancy and Post Partum Depression

Infertility/ IVF  

Healing from a Cesarean Birth

Does Acupuncture Help?  More on Acupuncture and Specific Conditions.  

Click on the link to find articles with more information about how acupuncture helps people who live with these conditions..  

Crohn's Disease

Depression & Anxiety


Ulcerative Colitis