Meg Casey , M.Ac, L.Ac is a licensed acupuncturist who graduated from  Maryland University of Integrative Health with a masters in acupuncture   Before becoming an acupuncturist, Meg spent 18 years as a labor activist, building campaigns for transformation and change in society, helping communities of workers find their voice.  Most recently she has been working to develop the next generation of leaders. 

After experiencing profound healing herself through her own journey with acupuncture, and study at MUIH, Meg is now applying her interest in personal and community transformation to the world of health by helping her clients to courageously evolve as they take charge of their own wellness and heal themselves.

She is passionate about connecting to the natural cycle of the seasons, building practices to help us all live with more ease and joy and helping everyone she works with discover their own innate superpowers.  In addition to working with acupuncture, Meg also offers Chinese nutritional therapy and works with her patients to build wellness practices to support their own healing.  While Meg enjoys working with a wide variety of people who are experiencing many different symptoms, she has a special interest in chronic pain, fatigue and illness, depression and anxiety, women's health and working with teenagers and other individuals who are at a transformative moment in their lives.

Meg is a mother of a teen and two wise cats named Katniss and Tabitha. When Meg is not in the treatment room, she enjoys writing, dancing and mixing up magical meals in her kitchen.